There are some important things to note when it comes to managing your campaign after it's completion. Whether it's questions about what you can edit or how to handle failed orders after a completed send, we've got you covered.

Editing Your Campaign

Campaign Details

What Do I Do About Failed Orders?

Editing Your Campaign

Once your campaign is created, there are still certain aspects of the campaign that you can change. You can access the screen below by clicking the pen icon next to the campaign name.

The things you can still change after creating a campaign are:

  • The campaign name

  • The scheduled send date

  • The campaign status

    • Pending puts a hold on the campaign

    • Scheduled means the campaign will send automatically on the scheduled date

    • Canceled is a way to keep your campaign information without deleting it

Note: If your campaign has already sent, or you create your campaign to send ASAP, you will lose editing capability of the campaign.

Campaign Details

When you click on a campaign, you are able to see some extended information about the campaign. This includes the item associated with the campaign, the total cost, the contacts included in the campaign, and the orders and order statuses associated with the campaign.

What Do I Do About Failed Orders?

Once your campaign has completed, you have several actions available to you based on the success of your campaign.

  • Re-send failed orders will resend the gift email to any contacts that hit a processing error, did not open the email in time (Postal Delivery Expired), or hit a validation error in the first send

  • Re-send successful orders will resend the item to all successful orders. This is a good action for campaigns you want to run multiple times.

  • Re-send campaign will resend the campaign to all contacts regardless of order status.

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