When it comes to managing your products we got you covered with some best practices.


  1. Product Description

  2. Images

  3. Variants

  4. Keywords & Tags

Product Description

Our most popular products have a short, concise title and a description with 3-4 engaging sentences. Here is an example of a great description.

“The only thing better than cheese is, well, more cheese. We didn't give you four cheese knives in this gift for nothing--go ahead, set out a spread of your favorite fromage, and indulge. This gift features a Brooklyn Slate Co. slate cheese board with chalk ideal for displaying and labeling cheeses, a set of acacia wood and stainless steel cheese knives, and a jar of Girl Meets Dirt heirloom quince cutting preserves. Known as "membrillo" in Spain, this dense, jam-like spread is a delicious complement to manchego and other rich sheep's milk cheeses.” - The Cheese Course


We recommend uploading multiple (3-4) photos to showcase each product. Similar to the products below, square images with solid colored backgrounds typically show

better on the platform. For image editing, a resolution of 300 dpi is recommended.


Mini Sick Day Care Package

Time for Tea Gift Set

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!


Each product must have at least one variant but can include up to 10 variants.

Variants are used for different colors, different sizes, or other variations within a product. For example, vendors may create variants for different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) or flavors (Chocolate Chip, Gingerbread, Oatmeal Raisin).


Postal T-Shirt

Mini Sick Day Care Package

Keywords & Tags

Keywords are used to help customers search through the marketplace. We recommend adding 5-10 keywords to each product to make it easier to find. Keywords can include things such as games, DIY, craft, woman-owned, work from home, birthday, holiday, etc.

Tags will be used to search for your products through the vendor portal. You can apply tags to your products to make it easier to search for them in the vendor portal.

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