Getting a gift to your prospect or customer has never been easier. In this article, we'll give you the steps to start sending today!

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Things to know before sending 🤔

  1. A User role is required to send items.

  2. You may only send items to contacts you own.

  3. Duplicate protection prevents contacts from receiving the same item twice.

  4. Your current Budget will affect your ability to send an item.

We'll be discussing one of our most common send flows in this article, Sending with a Gift Email. Here are some other sending options that may suit your needs:

Sending With a Gift Email

Step 1: Find the item you wish to send from the Marketplace.

Step 2: Click the green send button in the middle of your item.

Step 3: Choose or create a contact.

Note: Items can be directly sent to your contacts by unchecking the Gift Email box when sending. A verified address and phone number are required for a successful send.

Step 4: Fill out the Email Subject (optional), and Email Message fields.

Step 5: Edit your Landing Page, header and body, if desired .

Step 6: Review the details of your order and click the send item button.

Send away! 😄

Happy Sending!

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