Products can be added to the Vendor App in multiple ways. This article discusses adding a product manually. You can also integrate Shopify, bulk upload products, and edit existing products if desired.


  1. Add a New Product

  2. Enter the Product Details

  3. Add Keywords

  4. Create Variants

  5. Request Product Listing

  6. How to edit a product

  7. How to take down a product

Add a New Product

In the Vendor Dashboard, under the Products tab click Add Manually.

Enter the Product Details

Each item you would like to add to the marketplace should have its own product listing. To create a new product, fill in the following sections. When you are finished, click Save as Draft in the top right corner.

Details: Title, Description, and Tags

Media: Upload photos

Organization: Brand Name, Category, Type


Most vendors find success by keeping their title short and by adding 2-4 engaging sentences to the description. Tags will help you search for your products through the vendor portal. In order to save a tag, words must be entered one at a time, hitting the return button between each entry.


Add Keywords

Once the product has been saved as a draft, a Keywords field will appear next to Tags. Add in 5-15 relevant keywords.


Customers use keywords when they are searching for products on the marketplace. They can be used for types of products, use cases, and occasions.

Create Variants

Next, scroll down until you see the box labeled Variants and click Add Variant.

Similar to above, fill in the following details to add a new variant. When you are done, click Save Variant Draft.

Details: Variant Name, Description, Price, SKU, UPC Code, Quantity

Toggle taxable and requires shipping on and physical message supported on or off

Media: Upload photos

Shipping Options: Shipping Provider, Price (on a flat-rate price per product)

Good to know:

Taxable: If you collect Nexus/state taxes, please mark your products as taxable.

Requires Shipping: All products should require shipping except electronically sent items such as gift cards. If shipping is free for the product, put “0” in this field

Physical Messages Supported: Mark this box if you can include a physical card or note with a gift message in the package

Request Product Listing

Once you have made all of the necessary changes, click Save and Send for Approval in the top right and then click Request Public Listing


Once your product is approved, you can view your new product by filtering by Active under the status tab.

*Currently, this is only for new products added to the Vendor App.

How to edit a product

If you need to update your product after requesting a public listing, please view these steps here, Editing Products

How to take down a product

Email [email protected] and we will be able to remove the product for you or if you have no inventory, it will be pulled from our site.

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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