Nothing says professionalism like wrapping your coworker's car in caution tape or putting their stapler in Jell-O.

But for those of you working remote who don't wanna prank yourself or those of you who went too hard on pranks last year and are banned from this year's April Fools shenanigans (was this personal to me? Maybe.), we've got some very serious, NOT A JOKE updates hitting the platform this week.

Jokes on You! What's New?

  • You can now preview and edit Landing Pages before sending items. Landing Page previews work the same way as Gift Email previews.

  • The $2000 minimum has been removed for invoicing. Please keep conversion rates in mind when you request invoices.

  • Team Names now pull when exporting Order Reports and on Excel/CSV Exports

And that's all for now folks! Keep your office pranks appropriate and if you do pull off some grandiose pranks, make sure to film them and email it to me personally. Please and thanks. 😇

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