The Summary tab is a great way to see data by individual Postal User or Team.

Admins and Managers will be able to sort by User and Team, and Users will be able to see their individual data based on what team they are currently logged into. All roles are able to sort by timeframe.

From this tab, you can see several data points by User:


Accepted shows the total number of Postals that have been redeemed by contacts in a given timeframe.


Engagement shows how many thank you messages, shares on social media, and new contacts/leads have been generated by Postal sends in a given timeframe.


Spend shows how much money in the given timeframe each User has spent on sending items in Postal in a given timeframe.


The MagicLink area shows how many times a MagicLink has been clicked (viewed) and how many people of those total views have completed the process to redeem their gift (accepted) in a given timeframe.

Average Item Cost

The Average Item Cost is the average cost of all Items sent in a given timeframe.

Meetings Booked

Meetings Booked shows how many meetings have been booked with Postal users as the direct result of a Postal send in a given timeframe.

Popular Items

Popular Items shows which items are your most accepted in Postal in a given timeframe. You can use the dropdown to sort by items sent via MagicLink, Gift Emails, or Overall.

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