The Reporting Dashboard is a great way to see how Postal is working for you. Whether you're trying to see who's crushing Sales or what your Most Accepted Item is, the Reporting Dashboard has you covered.

The Reporting Dashboard has several different tabs you can use to nail down the information you are looking for:


The Overview tab highlights your sends, spending, and engagement at a glance. As a User, you will be able to see only your data. If you are on several teams as a User, you will need to switch accounts to see each Team's data. Admins are able to sort by User and Team. All roles will be able to sort by timeframe. For more information on what data is surfaced on the Overview tab, check out our Reporting Overview Breakdown.


The Summary tab outlines Postal data by User. As a User, you will only see your own data here. As an Admin or Manager, you will be able to sort by User or Team. You can see accepted sends, engagement, Average Item Cost, and more. For more information on the Summary tab, check out this article.

Impact and ROI

The Impact and ROI tab surfaces for Salesforce Managed Package accounts only. Even if you have the Salesforce integration, if you do not have the Managed Packaged you will not see this tab. This tab surfaces the same information you see in the Salesforce dashboard, just in Postal. For more information, check out this article.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity tab shows recent activity within the Postal app. Users will see their own information, Admins and Managers will have the ability to sort by User and Team. For more information about this tab, check out our article on Recent Activity.

Order Report

The Order Report tab allows you to filter by status, date created, item, Campaign, Contact, or MagicLink. From this page, you are able to export a report to Excel format if desired.

Recent Exports

Finally, the Recent Exports tab shows all of your recently exported reports at a glance. You also have the ability to re-download any report if needed.

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