We have some significant updates for you this week. Whether you've wished on a star, a four-leaf clover, or just straight-up manifested, if you wanted better email notifications? You're in luck 😉

Four-Leaf Feature Updates

  • Admins will now be notified when an item on an existing Campaign, MagicLink, Collection, or Automation has a low stock level. An email will be received stating which items have low stock with a link to the process they are part of.

  • You are now able to customize your form fields on the Landing Page for both Gift Emails and MagicLinks in the existing send flow

  • Recipients will now receive “Item Shipped” and “Item Delivered” Emails from Postal after redeeming an Item

    • NOTE: Toggling off "Send Gift Email" will not prevent these emails from being sent.

  • Admins now have the ability to select to send “Event Kit Shipped” and “Event Kit Delivered” emails during the Event setup/customization process

  • HubSpot contact sync: Only sync contacts based on specific filtered criteria.

    • Postal will need the API field and internal name for this property

    • Please reach out to your CSM to enable this

And some little gold coins...

  • The fields to customize both your Landing Page Header and Landing Page Body now surface below the Gift Email Customization fields. Because first impressions count.

Well, that's all for now. We've got some stuff headed your way SO BIG it might need its own holiday. Until then, drink something green and stay lucky 🌈 💰

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