Generic greeting! As we head into the third month of the year, we continue to deliver some sweet product updates. If you had "landing page customization" and "selecting multiple contacts" on your Bingo card, then you should buy a scratcher *immediately* because you're about to be feeling really lucky 😉

Rae, will Postal ever stop giving us everything we want and more?

Nope! Your wish is our command, so let's see what wishes our Product and Development genies have granted:

Feature Dreams We Made Come True

  • Admin will now be notified when an item on an existing Campaign, MagicLink, Collection, or Automation has a low stock level. An email will be received stating which items have low stock with a link to the process they are part of.

Update Wishes We Granted

  • Users can now search and select multiple contacts when creating a campaign. Tags, Lists, and CSV uploads will no longer be necessary as a workaround for selecting multiple contacts.

  • Landing page headers and body text are now editable from the sending screen. Originally, the header auto-populated with the same text as the Subject Line of the Gift Email (PERSON from THIS COMPANY has sent you something), and the landing page copy was the same as the gift email copy. MagicLink landing pages are now fully customizable, and Gift Emails will have four customizable fields instead of two.

MagicLink landing page example

MagicLink landing page example

Item configuration screen for Direct Send

No Desire is Too Small...

  • Event emails will now preview in the "Needs Data" stage before the meeting link is present. A placeholder link is generated.

  • When sending an event, the language has been clarified to "Send Event Invitation Email" instead of "Send Event Confirmation Email"

How could we possibly make you any happier?! I guess you'll have to wait and see. Until then, a dream is a wish your heart makes and a product update is a thing your feedback makes. 'Til next time!

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