For various reasons, you may want to block a MagicLink or Gift Email from reaching certain contacts. Adding emails to your Email Blocklist will block sends and redemptions from certain addresses, as well as notify the user that the contact is blocked from receiving items.

No matter the use case, the process to upload contacts to your blocklist is quick and easy. Let's get started! You will need Admin permissions to upload contacts to the blocklist.

Start in Profile Settings > Email Blocklist

From there, you will complete the CSV Upload. The template contains two columns: TYPE and BLOCK.

The TYPES are:






With the EQUALS type, you will need to enter the full email address for effective blocking. For example, [email protected]


With the CONTAINS type, you can be a bit broader. You can enter domains, usernames, or keywords. Please be cautious, as CONTAINS will look for the input anywhere in the email address. For example, blocking CONTAINS = net would block the email addresses k_garnet[email protected], net[email protected], and [email protected]net


With the DOMAIN type, you will need to enter the domain and the suffix of the domain. For example, you cannot just enter postal, you will need to enter


With the ENDS_WITH type, you will need to enter the suffix of the email addresses you wish to block [with? without?] the dot. For example, .com, .gov, .net, .io

Recipient Experience

Gift Email

If you try to send to an email that meets your blocklist criteria, you will see the following error code when attempting to send:


If a contact tries to redeem a MagicLink with an email address that fits the block criteria, they will be brought to this page upon trying to submit their order:

The User in Postal who created the MagicLink will also receive a notification email that their contact was unable to redeem their gift:

Happy (not) sending!

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