The February Product Updates have arrived! Unlike a certain searching for love reality show, we've got roses errr...product updates for everyone.

There will be a lot to report on in the future 👀 but today we'll be sharing a few quality of life updates. Buckle up, here we go.

Haaaave You Met Subscriptions?

The feature formally known as Playbooks has been renamed Subscriptions. Looking to create an automated, customized “drip campaign” that sends a notecard on Day 1 and a gift from the Postal Marketplace on Day 7? Look no further than Subscriptions.

Features Made With Love

  • Estimated shipping cost is now surfaced on both the item preview and upon viewing the item. The estimated shipping cost will show in light gray next to the price in green.

  • The option to resend expired gifts in a Campaign has been added. This action joins Resend Failed Orders and Resend Campaign (Actions > Re-send Expired Orders)

  • If any remapping errors occur when importing contacts the errors will be displayed so you can resolve them and retry the upload. Learn more about importing contacts.

  • Thank You messages will show up when you export an Order Report

  • When searching for items in the Marketplace, you are now able to select multiple categories

Concierge Updates

We’ll now be sending out a confirmation email when you request to work with our Concierge team. Learn more about Concierge.

That's it for today! If you made it this far let us know how we're doing using the emojis below.

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