The SFDC Managed Package can be added to Salesforce to create a deeper integration experience and is required to use Triggers with Postal. This app can be found in the AppExchange and will cost $1. Please see the following links for more information and note the installation key will be needed.

  1. Postal in the AppExchange

  2. Package Installation Guide

Note the SFDC Managed Package supports Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions.

What you get in the SFDC Managed Package

  • Custom fields created at the lead, contact, and activity level

  • Postal Touches = count of items sent

  • Lead Cost/Contact Cost = total cost of items sent to that lead/contact

  • Cost Per Touch = average cost of items sent to that lead/contact

  • Report that leverages those custom fields to show you spending trends for accounts/contacts

    • Account Level and can be sorted by Account

    • Includes CPT, Postal Touches, Contact Cost, Total Touches, Total Cost

  • Triggers: Ability to trigger off of Salesforce based on tasks events or opportunities

    types: opportunity, task, event

    • When an opportunity is not closed-won and then becomes closed-won then trigger

NOTE: Tasks get created in SFDC when a recipient accepts a Postal (Postal Queued) and when the Postal has been delivered (Postal Delivered).

Four main things to get you set up for success

  1. Your 'Campaign Type' for all campaigns in SFDC should equal 'Direct Mail'

  2. Items in the Postal Marketplace must be mapped to a campaign to track in SFDC

  3. Users will need User permissions in Postal AND a Salesforce seat

  4. Admins set up mapping in Postal, but you must be a User to show up in the report

Which fields are mapped in the SFDC Managed Package?

There are 11 total fields mapped in the SFDC Managed Package in addition to the ones mapped with the standard integration:

  • Account: Total_Postal_Spend__c

  • Task: Postal_Name__c and Postal_Total_Cost__c

  • Contact: Postal_Cost__c, Postal_Cost_Per_Touch__c, Postal_Created__c, Postal_Touches_Count__c

  • Lead: Postal_Cost__c, Postal_Cost_Per_Touch__c, Postal_Created__c, Postal_Touches_Count__c

What you can report on with the SFDC Managed Package

  • Won Revenue Influenced by Postal - closed-won revenue influenced by Postal

  • Open Pipeline - any deals in flight that have Postal touches (revenue in the room)

  • Open Deals - open deals that have Postal touches

  • Total Postal Spend - how much you've spent on Postal items

  • Direct Mail Campaign - deals touched by direct mail via Postal

  • Net New Leads - leads captured via Postal

  • Postal Influenced Opportunities by Rep - number of opportunities that each rep owns that are touched by Postal

  • Postals Delivered All-Time - usage

  • Postal Sends This Quarter - total sends by rep per quarter

  • Total Items Sent - number of items sent in a given time frame

  • Total Items Accepted - number of items accepted in a given time frame

For more information about how to see your Managed Package data in Postal, check out our Impact and ROI article!

NOTE: You will need to delete the old dashboard before activating the new one.

Happy sending!

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