Have you ever been waiting on an email from Postal but never received it? Have you found a Postal email in the wrong folder such as your spam/junk?

How about getting an error message when opening one of our links?

This is where whitelisting comes in! Knowing how to whitelist our Postal domains will make your correspondence more efficient.

What does email whitelisting mean?

Whitelisting an email address means that you have added them to your list of approved senders. It notifies your email provider that you trust the sender and it’s okay to receive their emails in your inbox folder (versus them going to your spam/promotions).

Which Postal domains should you add to your whitelist?

How do you add a domain to your whitelist?

Whitelisting is a quick task! You, or a member of your IT Team, will likely be able to resolve this. All you have to do is add the above domains to your address book or a "safe senders" list.

From a previous email, you can select the email address under "From" and choose to ‘Add to Your Contacts’. You can also do it by selecting the link ‘Add Sender to a Safe Sender List’ that displays on a header of an email.

Once you have completed these steps, you are all set!

Questions? Reach out to our Support Team!

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