Happy New Year, my gifting goonies! If you're like me, you attempted dry January, looked at the state of the world, and poured yourself a glass of wine. If you're not like me...teach me your secrets.

On top of our annual resolutions to better ourselves and practice more #selfcare, we resolved to bring you some radical updates so that we can at least have something to smile about while we mourn Betty White (no, I am not okay). Let's distract ourselves with some cool software updates -- my second favorite coping mechanism.

Best Year Ever Events

  • Users are now able to add an attendee/send direct invite without the contact having to fill out the landing page

  • Event administrators are now able to update the video meeting link, description, email messaging, title, images after registration has closed

  • The Event filter options have changed from "Physical" and "Event Fee" to “Physical Event Kit” or “No Physical Event Kit”

  • The calendar date select option is now gone. Users will type in three dates manually

  • Event header image height and the Display tile image now have the same dimensions. Images sizes have been updated.

  • The meeting link field on Event access emails now reads Meeting Link/Event Access Link for attendee clarity

New Year, New Me: Features and Updates

  • Gift email expiration information will be visible on orders for Users and Admins. Admins will be provided a link to change Gift Email Settings directly from orders.

  • An email to Admins will deploy when an Approved Item that is a part of an active Campaign or Automation has dropped below 20 available units. The email will specify where the Item lives (campaigns, MagicLink, etc.) and include a link to replace/remove the Item

  • An email column has been added to the contact display

  • Collections now have internal Collection Name and external Display Name fields available during set up

#SelfCare Platform Improvements

  • Tooltips have been added for each branding color to outline where they show up in gift emails

  • MagicLink landing page language now distinguishes between orders bounced due to "maximum redemptions met" and "link expired"

  • Added character count limits to the Physical Message area of Item setup

  • Default Postal colors will load in branding, ability to see sample elements like button and texts

  • Button for sending events now says "Send Event” instead of “Send Item”

Minor Fixes (Because Any Progress is Good Progress)

  • Calendar bookings were not always honoring OOO settings, they now do

  • Brand colors were misaligned, they are now aligned

We're out here doing our best, trying our hardest, and we know you are too. Whether you're self-improving, self-reflecting, or simply trying to survive another year, know that the one thing that will always be stable in your life is Postal Product Updates. Yaaaaay?

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