Checking to see which items are able to ship to various countries is quick and easy using the Filter column on the left-hand side of your Marketplace screen.

To see if an Item is compatible with the country you are trying to ship to, simply go to the Filter column on the left-hand side of the Marketplace, scroll down to "Ship To" and type or select the country of your choice.

To take it one step further, you can also sort by currency. Say you want to send an Item to another country, but you don't want to have to upload funds into an international currency account, you can filter by both country and your resident currency.

Example: how you would set your filters if you wanted to ship a gift to the UK but purchase it using existing USD funds.

We always recommend double-checking an item's availability to ship to other countries before a send. Another best practice is to set up separate campaigns for contacts in separate countries so that everyone is able to redeem a gift :)

Happy Sending!

If you have any further questions about shipping international items, reach out to our Support Team!

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