Greetings, my positively precious people! I hope you're as passionate about alliterations as I am. Even if you're not, we've got some sweet end-of-year product releases for you...but you're on my naughty list.

Shall we get down to it? Amidst the shopping and sending you've been doing in your personal lives, we've been seeing you fully send it within Postal as well. Love that for you AND us. Here's what we sent down your chimney with this latest sprint:

Fa-La-La-La Features

  • Gift card redemption links are now accessible to contacts on the Thank You page after they accept their gift (previously needed redemption email)

  • Admins can now transfer funds between Fund Management Accounts

Merry Marketplace Additions

Letterhead has arrived in Marketplace! We now have six professionally designed templates for 8"x11" letterheads -- five templated, one blank, all two-sided.

Under the Mistletoe UI/UX Updates

  • The "Ask a Question" button in the Product Tour now connects you to Support

  • Users can now see all event registrants, not just ones they own

  • Image height/spec suggestions have been updated for Events to improve display

  • Warehousing will now live in Profile Settings and is no longer accessible through Marketplace

  • Registrants will be notified when the time of an event is modified

  • Event link field has been updated to say "Meeting/Event access link" for clarification

  • The "Premium/Basic" filter field has been removed from Events

  • Event images now carousel on mobile displays

  • Postal Chrome extension will now find all email addresses

I mean, speaking for myself, I don't need anything more under my tree with those Feature releases...but maybe that's just me.

However you celebrate December, we hope you know that your happiness is all we want for the holidays this year :) There, just cheesy enough that you won't miss us until January. You're welcome. Happy Sending!

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