Whether you're sending a MagicLink or your contact gets a nudge after a direct send to double-check their address, Postal has several steps in place to make sure your gift ends up exactly where it needs to be.

But what do those safeguards look like to your contact? Behold:

If a contact enters an invalid or nonexistent address, they will be prompted with this screen which will prevent them from going further without entering a valid address:

Contacts who enter a valid address are given the option to use a USPS verified address. We ALWAYS recommend using the verified address, as this prevents shipping errors and processing errors due to invalid addresses.

NOTE: A contact might also receive an error at this step if the selected item is not compatible with the country/state of the address input. Always make sure that your items are country compatible by selecting "Ship To = [COUNTRY NAME]" in the Filter settings in Marketplace.

More questions about Address verification? Reach out to our Support Team!

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