Postal and Chili Piper have linked up to start boosting your meeting numbers and getting you more face time with leads and contacts than ever before. Getting set up is easy, and the results are even better. Let's get started!

Setting Up Chili Piper

Start by going to your Profile. Then, on the lefthand side, go to Profile Settings > Meeting Settings, and select the Chili Piper icon on the right

Once you select the Chili Piper icon, you'll be brought to this page where you'll enter your Chili Piper link and select your meeting request default.

There are three options:

  • Off - Default to no meeting requirement for send

  • Before Item Acceptance - Contact must set a meeting before receiving their gift

  • After Item Acceptance - Contact has the option to book a meeting after accepting their gift

Sending Your Gift Email

Once you've finished setup, you'll have the option to set meetings through Chili Piper in your MagicLink, Campaign, and Direct sends.

The default meeting request setting you selected during setup will auto-populate in your customization screen before sending and can be changed or turned off at this step of the sending process.

Recipient Experience

Based on the meeting settings you chose in your customization screen, your contacts will either have to book a meeting before accepting your gift or have the option to book one after accepting.

They will be asked to select a date and time for their meeting and then be prompted to enter their name, email address, and phone number. They will also have the option to invite additional guests and decision-makers to the meeting.

Happy sending!

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