Removing a fund management account from a team is a quick process that just involves a few clicks. You will need Admin permissions to complete this task.

First, go to your Profile, then Profile Settings > 'Billing' > 'Team Budgets'

Second, find the team you wish to remove the fund management account from, and click the 'Edit' button next to the Billing Account(s) heading

Finally, click on the fund management account you would like to remove from the team. You should see the account go from blue with a checkmark to grey with no checkmark. Then, click 'Save'

NOTE: You will not be able to delete a fund management account if it is still tied to a team, active or deleted. If you delete a team before disconnecting the fund management account from it, you will be unable to delete the fund management account in the future. Disconnecting the fund management account from a team should be your first step when planning to delete or disable a team.

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