What is Warehousing?

Our Warehousing add-on is an additional cost outside of your existing Postal plan that enables you to store existing items inside of the Postal platform. With this add-on, you can bring in and send your physical swag closet, specialty items, and more. Once these items are added to your Items in Postal, you can send them like any other item in the Postal Marketplace.

Distributed Inventory

Store your inventory near your prospects, customers, partners, and employees. Or close enough for your next onsite Event.

Swag Management

No need to haul and house swag items at your HQ. Ship, upload, and send your items from your Postal Marketplace.

Customizable Options

From picking, packaging, kitting, and more - we've got you covered.

How it works

  1. Log in to the Postal platform and select 'Marketplace'.

  2. Navigate to the Postal Concierge section to get started.

  3. Click the 'Get Started' button to access the warehousing form.

  4. Choose 'Connect and warehouse existing items'

Our team will reach out within two business days to coordinate the next steps. Please be ready to provide photos of the items as well as information on where you'd prefer your items to be stored.

Once all items are shipped, they will be available on the Postal platform within four days of being delivered to our warehouse. Expect this entire process to take from 4-8 weeks.

What we need from you

The information you will need to provide to send your items to the warehouse are:

  1. Quantity of Boxes:

  2. Number of items in each box:

  3. Dimensions of each box (height, length, width): (applicable if using Postal for shipping labels)

  4. Approximate weight of each box: (applicable if using Postal for shipping labels)

  5. Region they would like the items to be stored

What's included

Included in your warehousing cost are:

  • Warehousing of your existing items

  • Picking and packing of individual items

  • Kitting of multiple items together to create a single SKU

  • Basic packaging of items (blank box, poly mailer)

NOT included in your warehousing cost:

  • Actual shipping cost

  • Bundling of items (like for swag packs)

Learn more about warehousing here.

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