The Postal Product team has been hard at work to deliver regular product updates and bug fixes. We are committed to providing the best possible product and clarity around it.


  • Removed ability to cancel an order after a contact has been deleted

    • In rare cases that a gift was sent and then the contact was deleted immediately

  • Thank You messages will be added to Activity Records in SFDC

  • New Sidebar - Filter section in Marketplace

  • Calendar Booking now available in the Chrome extension

  • Logo updates for our Integration Partners

  • Ability to filter by Team on the Order Report

  • Updated Shipped and Delivered Emails

    • Minor UI/UX updates

  • A "Delete All" button added for Playbooks

  • Update Gift Email Expiration to Business Days

Bug Fixes

Bugs happen and we are always working to make sure that our initial releases are done so carefully. In most cases, no action is necessary on your part unless noted. Here are a few bugs we squashed:

  • Integrations were not authenticating

    • On extremely rare occasions integrations were not completed. No notification was given to the user. No action is necessary from the user.

  • Deleted Teams were shown in the filters menu

  • Event Filters are showing in the Marketplace

    • Event Filters should be localized to Events. Resolved this issue.

  • Check Email/Calendar integration status during Order Preview

    • During the sending process, our product is now fully checking the Email Integration status to provide smoother experiences and fewer failures.

  • Check Order requirements - Added phone check for direct orders

    • Same as above

  • SFDC Campaigns not showing in the Campaign List

  • Title case - Inconsistent capital letters shown in some of the copy

  • When adding funds if a CC error occurred a notification did not show in the UI

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