Users can adjust and personalize their entire Postal experience in the Profile Settings area of their account. Customization and privacy go one step further in the Account Settings area of Profile Settings.

Note: you will have to have Admin level permissions to access and make changes in the Account Settings area

Here's what you can change:

  1. Company Info

  2. User Product Visibility

  3. Support Access

Company Info

In the Company Info area, Admins can update the main Account Name, Display Name, and Primary Company Address.

The Account Name is shown internally, and the Display Name is what external contacts see.

User Product Visibility

The User Product Visibility section allows Admins to decide whether Users can see unapproved Items and Events or only those previously approved by an Admin.

From the Item Email Notifications dropdown, you can also decide which Admins get a notification email when a new Item is requested for approval by Users.

Support Access

Our Support Team has access to certain areas of your account for troubleshooting and customer service purposes. If this is something you would like to change, you can Revoke Access Immediately.

Please keep in mind that revoking Support Access may make it more difficult for the team to help you solve account problems and inquiries should they arise.

Have more questions about Account Settings? Reach out to our Support Team!

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