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Can I send custom orders domestically and internationally?

The simple answer is, yes! However, each country has specific customs limitations. Your custom projects will be curated so that your concierge project manager works with a vendor(s) who can ship to your international locations. The content of your project must also be designed in a way that complies with country-specific customs regulations.

How does international shipping differ from domestic shipping?

International shipping fees can get rather pricey once you factor in the necessary customs paperwork. As a general rule, we suggest factoring in a shipping cost starting at $35 per send.

Can I get my order in three weeks?

Concierge projects require a minimum of four weeks to guarantee the best results. Depending on the scope of the project, we do have some vendors that can work on a quicker timeline.

Can I send out MagicLinks while my product is being created?

Unfortunately, no. MagicLinks are available to send once production has finished and the project has been made active in your Postal Marketplace.

Can we pay-as-we-go with Concierge projects?

Concierge projects require payment upfront before the production and proofing stages begin.

Can I see proofs before I finalize my order?

Most of our vendor partners provide proofs once the order has been placed.

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