Your event is approved, your data is entered, and your guest list curated. But how can you really make a Postal Event your own? We know brand is everything, which is why we've made it so you can customize your attendee messaging every step of the way.

To access this area of your Event, you'll need to be an Admin. From there, click the green "Edit This Event" button and scroll down until you see "Email Notifications."

Each event email has pre-fab messaging attached to it, so if you're fine with the basics, we have you covered. But if you want to add your own company flair to the copy, we support that too! Here are the different emails you can customize:

  • Confirmation Email

  • Day Before Reminder

  • Day-Of Reminder

  • Date/Time Change

  • Event Canceled

  • Meeting Link Changed

  • Event Kit Shipped

  • Event Kit Deliverer

You can also choose that any one of these emails NOT be sent to attendees by unchecking the blue checkbox beside any one of these options. Please note that the Invite Expiring email cannot be edited.

Pro-tip: We recommend leaving them all checked just so no details get missed by your attendees.

Once you're ready to edit, click "Customize Email Messaging" and select which email you'd like to customize. From there, you can change the language of the email.

You can also choose what information attendees need to fill out in order to complete registration by customizing the Form Fields. Simply scroll down from Email Notifications and click "Customize Form Fields."

And there you have it! Postal Events with a you-inspired flair. We'll bring the fun if you bring the brand.

Have further questions about Event Emails? Reach out to our Support Team!

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