Approving individual items for your teams to send is a breeze in Postal. The above video walks you through the process, or you can read on and follow the steps.

Note: Only those with the Admin role can approve items.

How to approve an item

Start by navigating to the Marketplace and selecting 'All Items'. Search for the item you wish to send using the filters and search bar on the left.

Hover over the item and select 'View This Item'

Verify that this is the item you want and select 'Customize This Item'

Next, you'll be presented with a few settings

  • Status - set to Active so that the item is ready to send

  • Teams - choose a specific team you are approving this item for or leave as All Teams

  • Name - Name of the item internally

  • Display Name - Name of the item displayed to your contacts

  • Description - Description of the item displayed internally and externally

  • Options - Select which variants you want to approve (Green check indicates it will be approved)

  • Map to external campaign - map this item to an external SFDC Campaign

Once you have confirmed these options, select 'Save This Item'. Your item will now be updated in My Items and ready to send!

Variants Explained

The system will automatically select all variants for approval. If you wish to only approve one variant OR approve the variants separately so that it creates TWO distinct items, you will want to:

  • Make sure only the variant you want is selected with the green checkmark

  • Adjust the "Name" to contain details about the selected variant

    • Do NOT update the Display Name with internal details, as this is the name that surfaces to contacts receiving your item.

Admins will also receive notifications when an Approved Item falls below 20 available units if the item is involved in an active Campaign, Collection, or Automation.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Postal Support!

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