This week we're all about local to global! Postal is expanding its international options, delivering critical Events updates, warehousing your items, and helping you get more meetings by adding Calendar Booking options.

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International 🌎

Postal is expanding its international sending options. We believe in supporting local vendors on a global scale and have added 3 new currencies to start.

  • Euro

  • CAD

  • GBP

To send internationally, you will need to have the correct currency added to your Billing Account. A notice will show if you do not currently meet that criterion. Learn more about billing accounts.

New items in the Marketplace will be added over time and can be searched for by using our new 'Ship to' filter.

We will continue to add more items to our Marketplace and work to expand our relationship with vendors globally! Cheers to international sending. 🥳


A few updates have occurred around Events, including SFDC Event Attribution.

  • SFDC Event Attribution

    • Event Attribution with SFDC happens faster

    • Now able to attribute an individual Event to an SFDC Campaign

  • Custom Event Registration Form

  • Edit all Event Emails

  • Events Calendar Update

    • Removed the calendar and now only surface preferred dates option

    • Allowing requests to be more streamlined

  • Custom Event Images

    • We talked about this previously and have updated the tool tip in the product for easy reference.


Our Warehousing add-on is an additional cost outside of your existing Postal plan that enables you to store existing items inside of the Postal platform. With this add-on, you can bring in and send your physical swag closet, specialty items, and more. Once these items are added to your Items in Postal, you can send them like any other item in the Postal Marketplace.

Learn more about warehousing.

Calendar Booking

Postal has developed an in-product Calendar Booking feature to help reduce gaps between sending an item and getting a meeting. Learn more about how to access this feature and set it up for your next send!

We've included options for Google and Microsoft.

That's all for this week! Happy sending. 🥳

Reach out to our Postal Support team if you have any questions.

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