Once the link has been created, your MagicLink(s) will live under the Automations tab under MagicLinks. From the MagicLinks page, you are able to edit the MagicLink, report on its performance, and even grab a QR code.

On the far right, you can quickly copy the link by selecting 'Copy Link'.

Click on the name of the link to view more details.

  • Stats (Orders, Order Limit, Total Cost & Cost per Order)

  • Details (Owner, Status, Created On, Expires On Date, Order Limit, Last Order, Last View, URL, and QR code)

  • Orders (Order Date, Contact, Cost & Order Status)

  • Item details (Name, Option, Brand, Category & Price).

From this page, you can also edit or delete your MagicLink. Selecting either the pen icon to edit or using the 'Actions' dropdown will bring up both options.

Disable a MagicLink

At any time, you can go and disable a MagicLink by going to Automation > MagicLinks > click the name of Link > click 'Actions' and then select 'Edit Link' > toggle Link Engaged off (gray) > click 'Next' > click 'Save Link'

Things to Know:

  • When someone clicks the link and redeems the gift, the funds will automatically be deducted from your Funds and Budget. Please ensure that you have enough funds and budget to cover this gift redemption, or the recipient will receive an error message when trying to redeem.

  • The Expires On date is the day that the MagicLink is no longer available. If you set the expiration date to be 10/13/24, the last day to use the link to redeem a gift (pending remaining quantity) would be 10/12/24.

  • The Order Limit is the total amount of times a MagicLink can be redeemed. Each contact is only able to redeem the MagicLink once. For example, an Order Limit of 100 would allow 100 individual email addresses to redeem the gift.

To learn about reporting on MagicLinks please check out our MagicLink Reporting article.

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