This article shows how those with the Admin role can change setup and adjust a budget.

In Postal, the budget sets the rules on how your funds can be spent. Learn more about how Funds and Budget work in Postal.

Note: This will affect every team member on the team whose budget you adjust

Start by clicking on your name in the top right and navigating to Team Budgets from your Profile Settings.

Budget Mode

  • Disabled - Removes the cap on the spending limit

  • Pooled - One shared pool for spending

  • Per-User - Specific amount per-user for spending

Budget Duration

  • Monthly - Allotted budget per month

  • Quarterly - Allotted budget per quarter

  • Yearly - Allotted budget per year

Budget Amount

The budget amount is the amount of money available to spend per user over the selected time period and can be adjusted at any time.

To learn more about adjusting your existing budget, click here.

*Budget Reset:

We reset the budget based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Meaning, we would reset the budget the day before the new month/quarter/year:

PST: 4pm

MST: 5pm

CST: 6pm

EST: 7pm

Make sure to save any changes!

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