Sending items and Event Invites in Postal only takes a few clicks. This article goes over how to send directly to a Contact.

Here are different ways items can get sent:

  1. Direct Send

  2. MagicLink

  3. Triggers

  4. Campaign

  5. Playbook

  6. Postal Everywhere

Direct Send

You can start sending from the Contact tab, along with a few other places in the platform. The most common way is to start from the Postal Marketplace.

Here's how to get started

  1. In the Marketplace, select 'My Items'

  2. Find the item you wish to send

  3. Hover your mouse over it and select the Postal logo (paper plane)

  4. Select the Contact you wish to send to

  5. Add your custom message and verify the variant (if applicable) ex. $25 gift card or $15 gift card

  6. Look over the summary screen and confirm your send!

Things to know

  1. A 'User' role is required

  2. You can only view contacts that you own

  3. Duplicate protection prevents contacts from receiving the same item twice

  4. Budget and Balance are not the same. Users can see their budget in the top right

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