Sending from a consistent point of contact just got easier. The 'Send As' feature allows Admins to send to contacts on behalf of other Users or the contact owner. When combined with MagicLinks and Postal Collections, you can send something truly special to a contact on behalf of others. 🥳

Note: Permissions required to use this feature are Admin, Manager, and User. Learn more about roles.

When sending an item, you will notice a new addition to the 'Configure your Item' screen.

You can select from the following options:

  • Myself

  • Contact Owner - the owner of the contact you have selected

  • Specific User - another user in the platform (ex. CEO)

    Note: only the "Send as" user-selected needs to have their calendar link set up.

    The person clicking in the system does not also need the calendar link set up.

Select the option that best fits the needs for this send and finish customizing your item. It's that easy!

Send As DOES:

  • Slap a different name on your send

  • Show the 'Send As' name on your landing pages for MagicLinks

    • NOTE: You will not be able to see the 'Send As' name change when you preview the Send


  • Pull from the Team/Funds of the person you are sending as

  • Change contact ownership

  • Change Trigger operations

    • NOTE: 'Send As' will keep all regular Trigger operations in place, including the source of funds, contact-owner, etc., and only change the name on the Send.

We recommend using 'Send As' when you want an Item to look like it's coming from someone else without changing anything else about the contact.

Example: Marketing sending a "Happy Holidays" gift to all contacts on behalf of the CEO.

If you need any further support, please reach out to our Support Team!

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