This article breaks down the differences between funds and Budget in the Postal Platform.

If you have ever received the error "Insufficient Balance", you may have wanted to know why Postal shows you have enough Budget Remaining. That is because your funds and Budget are not the same.

Simply, funds refer to actual money in the account, and Budget is the rule on how that money can be spent.


  • The funds are the total available balance in the Billing Account.

  • This balance is only shown to Admins in the Billing section. If you can't see the above screenshot in your Postal account, you are not an Admin.

  • Balance remaining can be the same amount as Budget remaining. However, this is highly unlikely (generally only occurs when there is only one Postal user).


  • Budget is the rules set around spending the available funds

  • Budget can be seen by everyone with a User role

  • The budget is reflected in the top right of the platform (unless 'Unlimited' budget mode is selected or no budget is set up)

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