Sending a Postal Collection is as easy as sending other items in Postal. You can choose to send directly or via MagicLink.

To send a Postal Collection you'll want to navigate to Collections in the Marketplace.

You'll be presented with three choices.

  1. Direct Send - send directly to one or many contacts

  2. MagicLink - a link that can be shared in many different ways

  3. View Collection - see what's offered in the collection

Direct Send

Choosing the Postal logo will prompt a direct send and you'll begin by choosing the contact or contacts.

Next, you can customize the message sent to your contact(s).

Select 'Next' and you will be brought to a summary screen. The total will always be the estimated price of the most expensive item in your Collection. Depending on what the recipient chooses you could see a return of funds.


Choosing the MagicLink will prompt a direct send and you'll begin by

A summary screen will show and you can finalize the MagicLink. It will be automatically copied. Navigate to the MagicLink landing page to see what your contacts will see.

The MagicLink can be placed wherever you use links (emails, social posts).

If you need any further support, please reach out to our Support Team!

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