This article explains how to connect and upload your Shopify products to the Postal platform once you integrate your Shopify store with Postal.

Note: Make sure your Shopify shop is integrated with Postal before moving forward.


  1. Sync Your Products in Postal

  2. Choose and Edit Products

  3. Email Postal for Approval

  4. Done!

  5. FAQ

Step 1 - Sync your products in Postal

In the Vendor Portal, under the tab Profile scroll down to see Integrations. You will find the button to sync your shop to Postal. Press 'Sync Now.'

Step 2 - Choose and edit products

Once your shop is synced, you will see a new tab on the top called Products. In this tab, you will see all of your products from your Shopify shop as drafts. You will have to click through the products one at a time to send them for approval.

Select the product you would like to be on Postal and click 'Edit Draft.' Make any necessary changes you see fit. Save your changes, and then scroll down to edit the variant.

Click on the variant and use the button 'Edit Variant' to be able to make changes. Ensure that there is a name for the variant and the SKU. This can be the same as the product name.

Once you have made all the necessary changes, click 'Actions' on the top right, and then click 'Request Public Listing.'

Step 3 - Email Postal for Approval

After you have requested a public listing, email us for final approval. If you have a shipping cost, please include that in the email and we will be sure to add it.

Step 4 - Done!

You can view your approved products by filtering by 'Active'.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update pricing, description, pictures, etc.?

If you need to update your product after requesting a public listing, please email [email protected] with the changes. We will update the product for you.

I have seasonal products, how do I update my products?

First, you will have to resync your shop on the Postal Vendor Portal. This is under the Profile tab, scroll down to Integrations, and click 'Sync Now.' See Steps 3-5 above and follow the same instructions.

How do I know when an order comes through?

It will appear on your Shopify as any other order would.

How do I take down a product?

Email [email protected] and we will be able to remove the product for you or, if you have no inventory, it will be pulled from our site

How does my product look on Postal?

All the products are found within the Marketplace and can be viewed all at once or by category. Once the product is clicked on, the user can see the full description, price, and variants (if applicable).

Can I pull a report of all the orders?

Yes. On the Vendor Portal under the tab Orders, you can see all the orders that have been placed. You can filter by date(s) and order status and then click 'Bulk Export' to pull a report. If you do not filter beforehand, it will pull a report from every order that has been placed on Postal from your account.

How do I upload tracking?

Tracking will automatically upload to Postal from your Shopify account. If you are synced with Shopify it all goes through the API. No need to do anything extra!

If I need to update my products, should I resync my shop on Postal?

No, please do not resync your shop in order to update your products; inventory will automatically pull over. If you need to make any changes to your product (pricing, shipping, description, picture, etc.), please email [email protected] and we will be happy to update the product for you.

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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