This article discusses how to link teams to multiple Billing Accounts. It's important to note that each Billing Account can have one currency type assigned to it.

The end result is all members of a team have access to funds in different currencies that allow them to send items internationally.

First, you will need to create a Billing Account making sure to select the currency you wish to use.

How to Link Billing Accounts

Select 'Edit' next to Billing Accounts

Select one account from each currency column. Selected accounts will show in blue.

Save! You will now see multiple billing accounts associated with your team.

Things to know

  • Alternate currency accounts must be reloaded via invoice. Select the Billing Account and select reload via invoice.

  • Only users who have currency access on their teams will be able to see approved international items. For example, a team with a CAD Billing Account associated with it will be able to see approved items that are sourced and shipped in Canada.

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