The Postal platform is wildly powerful. There are many ways your team can leverage its capabilities. Here are just a few ideas on how your different teams can use Postal to get you going:


  • Lead Generation - send MagicLinks to encourage more product demo signups

  • Funnel Velocity - delight prospects throughout the funnel with personalized experiences

  • ABM - send personalized gifts for specific individuals or buyer personas

  • Corporate branding - need to outfit your team for the next in-person event? We have you covered.


  • Increase cold engagement rates - send a personalized gift to an important stakeholder on the account

  • Close deals faster - personalized gifts are proven to motivate buyers to close deals faster

  • Reach executive decision-makers - send curated gifts that top executives enjoy like high-end beverages or experiences

  • Create loyal customers - from beginning to end of the sales cycle, personalized gifts can help nurture business-critical relationships

Customer Success

  • Send onboarding kits - foster a culture right away with employee onboarding kits that are on brand and on time for their first day

  • Increase volume of offline touchpoints - send curated kits at scale per account or at renewal cycles

  • Build customer advocacy programs - create swag packs for customer advocacy that are specialized and limited to those in the program

  • Show clients you care - as you continue to get to know your customers, send gifts as important moments happen in their life

People Ops

  • Reward high performers - send gifts to employees who exceed or hit personal or team goals and OKRs

  • Employee gifting - send gifts for work anniversaries and life milestones like a new baby, first home, or just because.

  • Boost company morale - delight employees like Nextiny has

  • Corporate branding - need to outfit your team for the next in-person event? We have you covered

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