If you have proofed your swag and the inventory has been uploaded, it's time to make sure that your team can send it out.

You can find your swag in the Marketplace under 'My Items' and then using the status filter, 'Draft'.

Select 'View this item' then, on the next screen, select 'Edit this item'.

Change status from Draft to Active. Make any adjustments to the following:

  • Name (displays internal only)

  • Display Name (shows to recipients)

  • Teams that can send this item (Default is All Teams)

  • Description (shows to recipients)

Finally, choose your sendable options by making sure the green check is next to the options wish to send. Then select 'Save this item'.

Now you will see your swag available and ready to send in the Marketplace under 'All Items'.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team!

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