Lists can be leveraged for your Campaigns and Subscriptions and can be created via a CSV Import or manually through the contact page. This article details how to add contacts to a new or existing list and how to remove contacts from lists.

Note: Only those with the Manager or User role can manage lists

Creating a new List/Adding to an existing list

  • Select the contact(s) you wish to add to a new or existing list

  • Select the 'Update Lists' icon

  • Search for an existing list or enter the name of a new list

  • Once you have created the new list or selected an additional list, select 'Update Lists' then 'Close'

Lists will be displayed on the left side of the Contact page under 'Saved Lists'.

Removing Contacts from Lists

To remove contact(s) from an existing list, follow the steps to select the contacts and search for the list you want the contact removed from.

Then, select the checkbox next to 'Remove these lists'

Select 'Update Lists' then 'Close'

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team!

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