Items in the Postal Marketplace can now be associated with your campaigns in Salesforce. This guide walks you through how to accomplish this.

Note: To associate items with your SFDC campaigns you will need Admin access to the Postal software and an active Salesforce Integration.

In Postal, start in the Marketplace.

Step 1 - Select the item in the Marketplace you wish to associate with your campaign.

Step 2 - “Connect to an Integration Campaign”

Step 3 - Select the Salesforce integration

Step 4 - Select the desired campaign

Step 5 - Edit Status Mapping

If it’s the first time you've selected this campaign, the ‘Edit Status Mapping’ option will automatically pop up. This can be edited later.

On the left, the Postal status will be populated. You will want to map them to your Salesforce statuses available on the right. Once you are done select 'Save Mapping'.

Note: the status will advance accordingly as the campaign moves forward.

Step 6 - Select 'Save this item', and you're done! This item will now be associated with your selected campaign.

For additional assistance please contact [email protected]

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