With Okta, every app and program you use to work is instantly available. Now you can connect Okta and Postal!

Supported Features:

OIDC Features supported:

  • Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow

  • Identity Provider (IDP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow


  • Admin in Okta

  • Admin in Postal.io

Configuration Steps

Start in your Okta account:

Step 1: Find Postal.io app in Okta (search Postal.io)

Step 2: Complete the app setup

Step 3: Edit the app

Step 4: Log in to Postal.io and go to the Settings page and select ‘Security’, then click ‘Connect Okta’ Postal.io

Step 5: Copy the External ID (to be used in step 7)

Step 6: Enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Okta Domain from Okta into the Postal.io settings and click ‘Save’

Step 7: In Okta, paste the External ID in the Advanced Sign-on Settings > External ID and select 'Save'

Done! You can now access Postal via your Okta App dashboard or via the App Embed Link.

Note: Session Timeout can also be controlled from the Security page

For additional assistance, please reach out to our Support Team!

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