This article discusses best practices for Budgets and Funds. These settings are only accessible to Admins.

Need to add funds now? Check out our "How to add funds" article!


  1. Understanding Budgets & Funds

  2. Adding a Team

  3. Balance

  4. Budget

Understanding Budgets & Funds

The Funds section of Postal is comprised of 3 major parts. The team (1), the Billing Account and its balance (2), and the Budget for the team (3).

Each team can have funds available to them and their spending regulated by the budget. Read on to learn more about how this works.

Adding a Team

There are two places that teams can be added, from this section in Funds or the Teams in Users & Teams. Either way, that team will always be associated with a billing account. Learn more about creating billing accounts.

Budget Mode is automatically set to 'Disabled'. You can choose 'Pooled' or 'Per User' now if you'd like or you can change this later. Select 'Create Team' to finish this process.


The balance is the available funds in the Billing Account. Funds can be added manually and also set to Auto-Reload. The 'Current Balance' will reflect the available funds.

To add funds select 'Edit Account', find the 'Add Funds', and enter the amount you would like to add. Select 'Add Funds'. A payment method will need to be on file.


Budgets limit (unless disabled) the amount of available funds users can spend in a given period of time. If you are planning to mass mail and send gifts frequently, consider adding more to your budget upfront or over time adjusting accordingly.

Note: The amount of budget remaining is shown to users and should not be confused with the actual balance of funds on the account. A User could have more available budget than funds on hand. In that case, funds would need to be added to continue sending.

Budget Mode

  • Disabled - Removes the cap on the spending limit

  • Pooled - One shared pool for spending

  • Per-User - Divvied per-user for spending

On the Business and Enterprise subscription level, Team budgeting will be available and you can set per team if you wish to have a Pooled Budget or Per User Budget.

Budget Duration

  • Monthly - Allotted budget per month

  • Quarterly - Allotted budget per quarter

  • Yearly - Allotted budget per year

Budgets can be adjusted at any time to match the desired spending.

Budget Amount

Enter the dollar amount you would like the budget to be here.

The budget can be increased at any time. For example, say your User has hit their budget limit of $100 but needs to send an item that costs $25. You can change the budget from $100 to $125. This will affect every user on this team.

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