This article defines the different status messages that appear in Postal.

Sending A Gift

These statuses appear when sending a gift. They also appear when a contact has registered for a Postal Event and indicate the status of the physical component of the Event.

  • Postal Gift Email: A gift email has been sent but no interaction from the contact

  • Processing: Your item is Processing and will be delivered shortly

  • Delivered: Your item was successfully delivered

  • Expired: This gift has expired

  • Rejected: Your gift was declined and will not be mailed

  • Action: Various action needs to take place as indicated in the full message

Postal Events

Postal Events have various statuses relating to the actual Event:

  • Pending Confirmation: Your Event is pending confirmation from the vendor

  • Confirmed - Needs Data: Your Event has been confirmed and now requires updated information from you - meeting link, team access, the title of the Event, etc.

  • Accepting Invites: Your Event information has been updated and invites are now able to be sent.

  • Registration Closed: Event registration is closed. This generally occurs 10-14 days out from the date of the event to ensure that any physical gifts being sent will arrive in time.

  • Complete: Your Event is complete

  • Cancel Requested: You have requested your Event to be canceled

  • Canceled: Your Event has been canceled

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