Postal Events make it easy to search hundreds of unique experiences, book talent and capture registrations, send pre-event kits, and seamlessly host your virtual event.

In this article, we will cover where Postal Events live in the Postal software and everything you will need to know before getting your Event up and running.

Table of Contents

  1. The Events Tab

  2. Event Details

The Events Tab

Postal Events live on the Events Tab.

Events are found in the All Events section of our Events Marketplace. There is a handy dollar amount per person for quick reference. Events can be searched for by name, available date, price range, and type!

Event Details

Selecting an event will take you to the Event details page.

On the Event details page, there is a summary of the experience from the vendor.

Event Information includes:

  • Length of the event

  • How the event is delivered

  • Max amount of participants

  • Options (these vary by experience/vendor)

Now that you know all about Postal Events, it's time to get started!

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