Triggers automate various Postal actions in your Hubspot Workflows. They Can be set to start a playbook, send a postal, or stop a playbook.

Before You Start

Make sure that Hubspot is integrated. If you haven't done so check out our article Hubspot Integration.

How to Create Triggers

  1. Start by Selecting Triggers from the Automation Tab

  2. Select 'Create Trigger'

  3. Name your Trigger

  4. Select the Integration Partner HubSpot

  5. Select the Action that you would like to Trigger a Postal (Start a Playbook, Send a Postal, Stop a Playbook

  6. Select 'Create Trigger'

  7. Follow the prompts to pick out your already approved and saved Postal for sending

  8. Once completed now log into HubSpot, see below for adding Postal to your HubSpot workflows

Adding Postal to your HubSpot workflows

  1. Log in as the HubSpot User & Admin:

  2. Navigate to Automation

  3. Click on workflows

  4. Create a workflow from scratch

  5. Select an enrollment trigger

  6. Once you have your enrollment trigger, add a step by pressing "+"

  7. On the right-hand side, select Postal - Find the approved postal you wish to send

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