Setting up your email integration allows Gift emails to send from your email address directly (i.e. rather than “[email protected]”. This helps foster a personalized and engaging experience. Plus, since it’s coming from a User’s email, it helps create brand awareness when the recipient sees the email domain associated with the send.

Note: Postal can only send emails and cannot read your emails. With the integration turned on, you will see the emails sent in your 'Sent Mail' folder.

Before You Get Started

  • This feature is per User, meaning that every user on your team who wants to take advantage of this feature will need to complete the task in order for it to be enabled.

  • When Email Integration is enabled, all Gift Emails can be sent directly from your email account through your email provider

Connecting Your Email

  1. Start at your Profile by clicking your name in the top-right corner of Postal

  2. From this page find 'Email Integration' (you should see both Google and Microsoft disabled)

  3. Click the integration you would prefer to set up

  4. Log in in using the appropriate credentials

Note: Postal heavily recommends only enabling one integration

You may need to ask your Postal Admin for approval to turn the authentication on (your Admins can work with your IT department on this if your security prevents this setup). If this step is needed, you will see an alert that your Admin has received a notification to approve your integration as soon as possible to prevent any delays.

Once an Admin approves, the integration will be turned on. Without this on, the gifts will be sent from [email protected]

Postal recommends all Users enable this feature for increased deliverability to the recipient's main inbox, rather than Promotions or Junk.

To learn about Email Notifications please check out the article Email Notifications Explained.

Permissions Requested



Alternate Google Option:

Note! Make sure to check both "View and edit events on all your calendars" and "Send email on your behalf" boxes.

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