If this is your first time accessing Postal - follow the invitation from your Admin that was sent to your inbox. The email is titled; "Postal.io | Invitation" and is sent from "[email protected]"

If you have previously logged in go to the Postal.io sign-in page, it's a good idea to bookmark it for future access.

  • You'll choose to log in with your business email or as directed by your Admin.

  • If you have issues, select 'I forgot my password' and complete the steps to reset and regain access.

If you try this too many times, you will be locked out of your account momentarily, so you’ll need to wait about 30 minutes and then try again.

After You've Logged In

  1. Complete your resource checklists and Send an Item Tour.

  2. If your company is using Google or Microsoft as their email host, you'll want to set up your Email Integration and Email Notifications.

Email Integration

Setting up your email integration allows Gift emails to send from your email address directly (i.e. @COMPANY.com).

Once an Admin approves, the integration will be turned on. Without this on, the gifts will be sent from "[email protected]"

Postal recommends all Users enable this feature for increased deliverability to the recipient's main inbox, rather than Promotions or Junk.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications allow you to get notified automatically when your balance is low, budget is low, a gift email has been accepted, a MagicLink has been accepted, or your order has arrived.

Postal recommends at least turning on the Gift Email Acceptance Notification - so you get an alert when an item has been accepted and can act accordingly.

Now that you are set up, it's time to start sending items. If you haven't already, please take a moment to go through our Send an Item Tour to get an overview of just how easy it is to get sending!

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