The MagicLink is no illusion - it can truly be a magical experience for your prospects and clients.

The MagicLink is a way to allow recipients to simply click an embedded link in order to redeem a gift from you. You are able to customize this link to determine how many total redemptions are allowed, as well as how long the link is active.

MagicLinks are great options to be used in Marketing content, as well as LinkedIn Messages. They aren’t as personalized or engaging as the standard workflow in Postal, but it allows you to create links for anyone to simply click and redeem the gift in a few short steps.

To enable a MagicLink, there are two pathways to create them:

Option1 - via Automations Tab:

Click the Automation tab and then select MagicLinks from the drop-down options > click Actions or the blue Create a Link button to begin the process

Then, select a Postal you want to create a link for (if you do not see the Postal you're looking for, ensure you’ve approved it from the Marketplace first, then come back to this step). Do this by hovering over the Postal you wish to set up and click “Choose this Postal”

Once you have the Postal selected, type your Custom Message that will be included on the link page that people redeeming will see > then, give your link a name (for internal reporting purposes) > enter the order limit (i.e. How many redemptions do you want to allow?) > set when the link expires, if at all > and most importantly, what option (if applicable) to select (In my example, I selected a DoorDash, which has 4 options for various pricing denominations); then, click Next.

On the following page, review your setup and then click Save Link at the bottom

Option 2 - via Postals tab:

Alternatively, you can click Postals > select View this Postal > then, click the Create a Link option at the bottom of the page > complete remaining steps outlined in Option 1.

Once the link has been created through one of the workflows outlined above, your MagicLink(s) will live under the Automations tab, under MagicLinks. From the MagicLinks page, you are able to edit, disable, re-enable, or copy the link for embedding.

To edit a link, click on the name from your list. This will take you to the editing page.

The following page will display Stats (Orders, Order Limit, Total Cost & Cost per Order), Details (Owner, Status, Created On, Expires On Date, Order Limit, Last Order, Last View & URL), Orders (Order Date, Contact, Cost & Order Status) and Postal details (Name, Option, Brand, Category & Price). To edit this MagicLink, simply click Actions in the top right corner and select Edit Link.

To use the link, simply click Copy Link from the main MagicLinks page, or from the individual Link itself (the URL for the Postal Link will then display “Copied Link to Clipboard”) > from there, simply embed the link as desired.

When a recipient clicks the link, they will be taken to a verification page where they will see your Custom Message and Postal you’ve selected. They will also verify their contact information (if they are already in Postal), or, it will prompt them to “Add contact info” if they are new to Postal for a digital gift (such a Digital Gift Card).

Once the information is entered and they select Confirm, they will land on one of two pages.

The first (and ideal) landing page will be the Processing page (below):

The second and third (and less ideal) landing pages they could land on is the Fully Used and the Expired link page (below). This means that the Link redemptions have reached the limit you’ve set for them (or your funds/budget is low and cannot fulfill the order request) or the link has expired.

Things to note:

  • When someone clicks the link and redeems the gift, the funds will automatically be deducted from your Funds and Budget, accordingly. Please ensure that you have enough funds and budget to cover this gift redemption, as well as any other background automation (such as Triggers and Playbooks), campaigns, and one-off sends.
  • At any time, you can go and disable a MagicLink by going to Automation > MagicLinks > click the name of Link > click Actions and then select Edit Link > toggle Link Engaged off (gray) > click Next > click Save Link
  • The Expires On date is the day that the MagicLink is no longer available. If you set the expiration date to be 10/13/20, the last day to use the link to redeem their gift (pending remaining quantity) would be 10/12/20.

To learn about reporting on MagicLinks please check out our MagicLink Reporting article.

Feel the Magic - Happy Sending!

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