Before You Start

Make sure that you have done the initial Marketo setup.

Step 1 - Create the Trigger in Postal

Navigate to Automation > Triggers > Actions > 'Create Trigger'

  1. Name the Trigger

  2. Select the Marketo integration

  3. Select the Marketo Program you want to associate this trigger with

  4. Select trigger action

  5. Select an approved item if 'Send Item' was the selected action

Trigger Example

Step 2 - Copy the Trigger ID

Once the Trigger is created a new option will show. Select 'Copy Trigger ID' and Postal will confirm that it has been copied.

Step 3 - Setting up the Trigger in Marketo

Navigate to the appropriate Campaign > Flow

Add Flow Step - Change Data Value

Attribute: Postal Trigger ID

New Value: “Trigger ID” from Trigger created in Postal

Add Flow Step - Call Webhook

Select Webhook created in Marketo Integration Setup (Step 7 - “ Trigger”)


NOTE: Postal only works with triggered campaigns, not batch campaigns. Triggers also pull from the Contact Owner’s funds/budget. Using "Send As" just changes the name and email the order is sent from.

Now your Postal Trigger has been set up. Happy Sending!

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