We have released a huge new feature that helps personalize your connections even more! With our newest feature called Email Integration, it allows your Gift Emails to look like they’re coming directly from that User’s email, rather than “noreply@postalgifts.com”. This helps foster a personalized and engaging experience. Plus since it’s coming from that User’s email, it helps create brand awareness when the recipient sees the email domain associated with the send.

This feature is per User, meaning that every user on your team who wants to take advantage of this opportunity will need to complete the task in order for it to be enabled. When Email Integration is enabled, all Gift Emails can be sent directly from your email account through your email provider [this is currently supported for Gmail customers].

To enable this feature, go to Profile Settings > You > under Email Integration, click ‘Disabled’ > you will be taken to the Sign in with Google screen to choose an account to integrate > once you’ve selected your email, click Allow > you will then be redirected back to the Postal platform with the Email Integration enabled.

Also, recipients will now have the option to Unsubscribe from the Gift Emails as well.

Happy Sending!

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