Allowing your team to create and send Postals in a cadence from SalesLoft has never been easier!

Activating the SalesLoft integration in Postal:

  1. Go into your Postal account preferences and click on integrations select - SalesLoft

  2. Click the SalesLoft logo and toggle the on switch

  3. Next, you will need to check the boxes for what you wish to sync over from SalesLoft to Postal. Select the boxes that match best for what you would like to sync over. Such as contacts/leads, activity, and any other information you wish. Please note that all Activity from Postal will sync back to SalesLoft on the contact level.

  4. Once completed, log-in to SalesLoft and ensure you add Postal integration, see instructions - SalesLoft Admin below.

  5. To start sending in SalesLoft, you can either use the Postal Everywhere extension for sending a one-off Postal or add Postal to a cadence by a general task or by a trigger which will allow for an automated send.

Follow the steps below to complete the SalesLoft / Postal integration set up as desired!

To ensure your connection is made, you will need to log-in as the Admin of SalesLoft.

Activating the Postal integration in SalesLoft:

  1. Log into SalesLoft as the Admin

  2. Navigate to your Settings

  3. Once in Settings, navigate to "Integrations" under Admin

  4. Select Integration add -

  5. Follow the steps to authenticate your Postal account

  6. Authorize the integration in your Postal account

You need the same admin on both platforms (Postal & SalesLoft) to enable the integration, the integration only works for users with licenses to both platforms.

How to add Postal to your SalesLoft cadences for a one-off send:

  1. Log into SalesLoft

  2. Select Cadences on the left-hand navigation

  3. Create New "My Cadence" or "Team Cadence"

  4. Add a Cadence by creating a step under - Other - Title this as a General Task for a Postal Send.

  5. When a General Task for Postal is due, you will be directed to log-in to your Postal account and select an already approved gift or direct mail option

  6. Now that you are back in Postal, follow the prompts to customize your selection for send

Adding Postals for sending in SalesLoft and any of our partner integrations is a manual step. The general task to send a Postal in your SalesLoft cadence serves as a reminder to log-in to Postal and send a gift/mail to your contact!

Now that you have cadences set up and your Postal account configured with SalesLoft, you can also send direct mail and gifts while working in SalesLoft through Postal's chrome extension, Postal Everywhere!

Postal Everywhere Set Up:

  1. Download Postal Everywhere in the Chrome Store

  2. Authenticate by using your Postal password and username

  3. Use Postal's extension while logged into SalesLoft at the contact level

Using Postal Everywhere with SalesLoft:

Postal Everywhere allows you to work while in SalesLoft at the contact level to:

  • Add contacts to lists, tags, campaigns, Playbooks

  • Send direct mail or gifts directly through the extension

  • When you have a general task in your SalesLoft cadence, this serves as a reminder to send a Postal through Postal or Postal Everywhere

  • All sends made through Postal Everywhere will be logged back on the contact's activity level in SalesLoft

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