The Marketplace is where Admins can approve and customize postals for their team to send. It is not visible to users. There are several categories in the Postal Marketplace. In the Marketplace, Admins of Postal are able to filter by category, type, brand name or paper weight to better search through the library of options available for customization and sending use!

If you are a vendor looking to be featured in Postal Marketplace, below is the information to complete your request:

1. About the Product:

We will need a description of each product

Provide a minimum of 3 and a max of 10, and the dimensions per product (L/W/H)

Images of your products in the following formats:

- Jpeg

- Png

2. Pricing:

Please provide us with Retail Pricing

Provide shipping costs for each product

Where you are shipping from: We currently are accepting vendors in the United States. Please provide your City, State, Zip code

3. Description of Company:

We would love to learn more about your company. Please provide us with three sentences describing your company/business.

4. Contact Information:

Include - Email address for contact, email address for orders, phone for contact, phone for orders.

To begin the process of applying to be featured in Postal’s marketplace, please fill out the form here:

We appreciate your time and look forward to meeting you!

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